A Guide to Skateboard Parts and How to Choose them?

Parts of a Skateboard
Parts of a Skateboard

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports in the world. Skateboard parts are important to know about if you’re getting into skateboarding. The parts of a skateboard interact to create an entire ride experience for riders.

There are a number of parts on a skateboard, the 4 most basic parts are the Deck Wheels, Bearings, and Trucks. The parts of a skateboard are often different depending on the type of board you’ve bought. Let’s take a look at all these parts in more detail!

The Four Main Skateboard Parts

1. The Deck

Skateboard Parts

The deck is the part of a skateboard that you stand on. The deck is usually made from either wood or plastic.

The Deck measures between 28 and 32 inches in length, about eight to ten inches wide depending on your preference for how wide it should be. The length of the deck may be shortened or extended depending on your style and preference.

The parts of a skateboard also come in different styles, shapes, colors, and designs so you can choose one that best suits your taste. Some decks have graphics printed onto them while others are plain colored to look simple and stylish at the same time.

Parts of Skateboard Deck

  1. Grip tape
  2. Bolts

2. The Wheels

Skateboard Wheels

Skateboarding Wheels allow riders to move forwards with ease when they’re rolling along smoothly over flat surfaces such as streets and sidewalks. The size and shape of skateboarding wheels vary from brand to brand but typically measure between 50mm-70mm in height (about two inches).

Skateboard wheels are made of hard polyurethane. The harder the wheel, the faster it will roll over bumpy surfaces so you’ll want to choose a skateboarding wheel that’s strong and sturdy for moving around on rougher parts of town.

Skateboarders usually prefer larger wheels because it makes their ride faster than smaller ones would do. Larger wheels also provide more stability for riders moving at faster speeds.

Parts of Skateboard Wheel

  1. Axle nuts
  2. Washers
  3. Bearings

3. The Trucks

Skateboard Truck

Trucks are responsible for connecting the wheels and bearings to each other. They attach easily to a deck using bolts – four small parts that screw into place on either side of the board where trucks connect with it.

Trucks come in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can choose from. Low Trucks are smaller than high trucks but both types will give your ride a smoother feel as they’re built with parts that reduce the vibrations felt by riders when rolling on bumpy surfaces.

Trucks also come in different widths and materials such as aluminum, which is a lighter material that provides riders with more speed than most parts of the skateboard would do. You can find out about your preferred trucks by trying them out on flat surfaces and considering how many vibrations you feel while riding over bumps and cracks in sidewalks and roads.

Parts of Skateboard Truck

Parts of Skateboard Truck
  1. Kingpin Nut
  2. Top Washer
  3. Top Bushing
  4. Axle Nuts
  5. Speed Rings
  6. Axle
  7. Bottom Bushing
  8. Kingpin
  9. Base Plate

4. Bearings

Skateboard Bearings

The parts of a skateboard also include bearings which allow riders to move with ease when they’re rolling along on their boards. Bearings come in sets and there will usually be two bearings per set; depending on how many you need for your specific board.

The number of bearings required varies from brand to brand so always check what’s needed before buying new ones! Bearing sizes vary but typically measure between eight millimeters (mm) – 12 mm wide by 20 mm long (about 0.31 inches-0 .79 inches). Bearings spin fast because each one is made up of a number of parts.

Bearings are usually made out of either steel or chrome so it’s important to check the quality before buying new ones whenever your skateboard starts slowing down when you’re rolling along on flat surfaces.

How to Choose Skateboard Parts?

Choosing parts for your skateboard is a lot like choosing parts for any other vehicle. You want to buy parts that will last you the longest and keep your ride feeling smooth, even when you’re moving around on the bumpy ground!

1. How to Choose Skateboard Deck?

There are so many parts of a skateboard to consider when you’re looking for new parts. One of the most important parts is the deck, which will tell you what type of board it’s compatible with. You need an appropriate deck that matches your weight and height because decks come in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Length, about eight to ten inches wide depending on your preference for how wide it should be. The length of the deck may be shortened or extended depending on your style and preference.

2. How to Choose Skateboard Wheels?

Skateboard parts also include wheels and you’ll want to select the right ones for your skateboarding style. Wheels come in different sizes, styles, and shapes with most measuring between 50mm-70 mm high or two inches high.

Choose a wheel that’s tough enough to handle bumpy surfaces when choosing parts of a skateboard because it can affect how fast you’re able to move around on them. A hard polyurethane is usually used in making wheels which makes them sturdier than soft materials would be while rolling over rough parts of town.

3. How to Choose Skateboard Trucks?

Trucks are another important part of what parts make up a complete skateboard set since they connect the board together through its parts. There are several parts that come with trucks, including parts such as nuts and bolts which you’ll need for securing them to the deck of your board.

Trucks also have a hanger where wheels attach on either side of it so just make sure they’re compatible before buying new ones! You can choose from low or high trucks depending on what type works best for your skateboarding style but take measurements first by standing next to each other in order to decide which one is right for you.

4. How To Choose Skateboard Bearings?

Bearings are also an important part of a skateboard because they’re used for rolling smoothly across rough surfaces. Bearings come in sets that usually contain two parts per set, but the number will depend on your specific board and brand.

Rather than selecting bearings that you can afford, consider quality over price when it comes to parts that allow riders to move freely along bumpy roads or sidewalks since low-quality ones will not last as long or roll nearly as fast compared with high-quality brands!


Skateboard parts are an important consideration when buying new parts for your skateboarding set because they all work together to help you ride smoothly across various types of surfaces.

If you’re looking for parts that will give skaters the best experience possible, consider quality over price in order to be sure riders stay safe while cruising around on bumpy roads.

And we hope that by now you should have a better idea of parts that make up skateboards, so you can shop parts and assemble your very own skateboard using parts that work best for what type of border you are.

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