How Much Does a Good Skateboard Cost?: Price Guide

How Much Does a Skateboard Cost?
How Much Does a Skateboard Cost?

If you are new to skateboarding, you might have a budget question. How much should you invest? Is it better to go for an expensive board? Deciding the budget can always be difficult for beginners or even for skaters who are in search of a better skateboard.

We’ll don’t worry now, cause in this article, we will guide you about everything about the budget so you can get yourself the best-suited skateboard within a decent price range.

We will also discuss what factors add up to the price of a skateboard, what other expenses are there, after getting a skateboard, and also the 5 Best premium and Budget Skateboards.

How Much Does a Decent Skateboard Cost?

Before you go out to buy yourself a skateboard, you should be prepared with your budget. A good-quality skateboard will cost around $50-$150 and can last for several years if taken care of properly. However, boards over the mentioned range are more durable and better in performance but they can also break after some time of use.

If you are ready to spend around $150-$300, then you can get yourself a durable skateboard that is more likely to last longer and better in performance. If you don’t have any budget restrictions then we will recommend going for the best skateboards available currently in the market which cost around $300+.

Types of Skateboards

Now that you know how much you are willing to spend on a skateboard, it is time for you to decide what type of skateboard will work best for you. There are different types of skateboards such as longboards, cruisers, street boards, and downhill boards.

Each board has its own unique use so make sure you know what you will be using the skateboard for before making your purchase.

1. Skateboards for Beginners 

Beginners, who are new to skateboarding and have just discovered the world of skateboards, should first invest in a cheap beginner-friendly board. This will help them learn all about their balance and control the ride on their own without spending too much money.

Beginner-friendly skateboards range from $40-$90.

2. Skateboards for Professionals

If you are a professional skateboarder and looking for a better board then we don’t have to tell you that spending over $200 is not a big deal. However, most of the skaters out there are not pros and don’t need such an expensive board.

Skateboards for Professionals generally cost from $150-$200.

3. Skateboards for Street 

Street and transition skating are the two most popular types of skateboarding. In street skating, you perform tricks on flat surfaces such as stairs, ledges, rails, etc. whereas in transition skating you use half-pipes and bowls to do your stunts.

Skateboards for Street and Transition Skating generally cost from $90-$200.

4. Skateboards for Kids

If you are a parent looking to buy your child their first skateboard then all you need is a basic board that can last long and is not too expensive. There are many different brands that offer cheap, durable boards for kids.

Kids’ skateboards are smaller in size and have softer wheels which makes it easy for them to balance and control the skateboard.

The price range for kids’ skateboards is from $30-$60.

Breaking Down the Cost of Skateboarding

1. Skateboard Parts

Let’s break down the cost of a skateboard that you assemble yourself.

Skateboard PartsCost
Skateboard Deck$40 to $70
Skateboard Trucks$30 to $80
Skateboard Wheels$20 to $55
Bearings$10 to $70
Grip Tape$5 to $20
Total$100 to $310

2. Protective Gear

Now, let’s have a look at the additional costs of protective gear.

Protective GearCost
Helmet$30 to $60
Knee and Elbow Pads$40 to $80
Wrist Guards$25 to $70
Total$95 to $200

3. Skateboard Equipment

Lastly, let’s check the cost of other equipment like shoes and pants. Although these prices may not be very accurate, they still give you an idea about how much they would cost.

Skate Shoes$30 to $80
Pants$10 to $20
Backpack$30 to $60
Total$70 to $160

Factors Affecting Skateboard Price

Factors Affecting Skateboard Price

Now that you know the different types of skateboards and their prices, it is important to understand what factors add up to the price.

1. Cost of Skateboard Parts

Skateboard Decks

The deck is the most important part of a skateboard and it is what you stand on while performing tricks. The price of a skateboard deck can range from $40 to $200 depending on the brand, quality, and design.

A good-quality skateboard deck will be made up of seven plies of maple wood which makes it durable and sturdy. The length of the deck is measured in inches and it can range from 28 to 32 depending on your height and weight.

Skateboard Trucks

The trucks are made up of aluminum and work as a connector between the wheels and the skateboard. The price of good-quality trucks can range from $30-$80 depending on their size, design, color, shape, etc.

Skateboard Wheels

The skateboard wheels are usually made up of polyurethane and come in different sizes and colors. The price for a set of four skateboard wheels can range from $20 to $55 depending on the quality, size, and design.

Grip Tape

The grip tape is a layer that goes on top of the deck to provide traction for your feet. The price of good quality grip tape can range from $5-$20 depending on their brand and design.


These are small cylindrical-shaped metal balls that go inside the wheels to help them spin smoothly. The price of good-quality bearings can range from $10 to $70 depending on their brand and quality.

2. Brand

The brand of a skateboard also matters in determining its price. If you are buying from budget brands such as Merkapa and Skateboards USA then the prices will be cheaper whereas if you buy from brands like Landyachtz, Sector Nine, or Santa Cruz then the prices will be higher.

3. Quality

The quality of a skateboard can also determine its price. If you are buying from budget brands then the quality will be lower and on the other hand, if you buy from premium brands such as Element or Santa Cruz then their prices will be higher but the quality will be better.

Other Expenses After Buying a Skateboard

Apart from the price of a skateboard, there are other expenses related to it which you will have to pay. Some of these include:

1. Protective Gear


The most important protective gear when it comes to skateboarding is a helmet. If you are planning on doing more than just riding then you should definitely get one because it will save your life if you fall down while performing tricks and hit your head off the ground or any other hard surface.

The price of a good-quality helmet can range from $30-$60 depending on the brand and design.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Knee and elbow pads are another important type of protective gear that you will need when it comes to skateboarding. These pads come in different sizes, colors, and designs so make sure that you get the ones that fit your knees and elbows perfectly.

The price of a good-quality pair of knee pads can range from $40-$80 depending on the brand and design.

Wrist Guards

Wrist guards are not just for skateboarding but they are useful when it comes to other sports as well such as hockey, rollerblading, etc. They help protect your wrists from injury by providing support and stability while performing tricks or landing after a jump.

The price of good-quality wrist guards can range from $25-$70 depending on the brand and design.

2. Skate Shoes

If you are planning to skateboard then you should definitely invest in a good-quality pair of shoes that have thick soles and provide good grip while skating. The price for a good-quality pair of skateboarding shoes can range from $50-$150 depending on the brand and design.

There are some ways that can make your skate shoes last longe like:

  • Maintain Regular Shoe Cleaning
  • Keep the soles protected
  • Sand down new grip tape
  • Place Them in a Safe Place

Best Premium Skateboards

  • Santa Cruz Complete Toxic Hand Skateboard
  • SANTA CRUZ Complete 80’s Classic Skateboard 
  • Powell Peralta Complete Skateboard
  • Globe Blazer XL
  • Sector 9 Unisex Strand Storm Skateboard

Best Budget Skateboards

  • Easy_Way Complete Skateboard
  • METROLLER Skateboard
  • WhiteFang Skateboard
  • Beleev Skateboard
  • ToyerBee Skateboard

You can also check out some other cheap Skateboards from here.


Skateboarding is a great way to get exercise and have fun at the same time. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels so don’t think that you’re too old or inexperienced because anyone can learn how to skateboard!

In this blog post, we talked about somehow much a good skateboard costs? the different parts of a skateboard, and how to choose the right one for you. We also discussed the prices of different components of skateboards such as decks, trucks, wheels, etc.

So if you want to get into skateboarding then this blog post should help answer any questions that you may have about it.

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