Can you Bring Electric Skateboards on Planes?

Electric Skateboards on Planes

On-site electric skateboarding is very easy for travelers or tourists, as you save on transport costs, timetables, and traffic. Personal mobility is especially advantageous when traveling in one place.

Just jump on your e-board and you’re ready to go. However, putting on an electric skateboard is not always easy, especially if you have to fly. Getting your electric skateboard on an airplane is a bit trickier.

Is it Possible to Fly With an Electric Skateboard?

There have been different factors that can affect whether you can easily transport your electric skateboard on any airplane. The major important thing is to see the accurate size of your board and the battery which you are using for operating it.

Most airlines don’t allow electric skateboards with:

  • A Length exceeding 62 inches
  • A Battery capacity of more than 160 Wh 

These are the regulations for lithium-ion batteries from Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) Just because it’s good somewhere probably doesn’t mean it’s the same everywhere. You should check the guidelines of all airlines to know their customary rules.

What should be the Approximate Size of the Deck?

The general rule for carrying luggage is that the length should not exceed 62 inches (157 cm) and should be less than 50 pounds (22 kg).

That means I’m afraid your electric longboard with a greater length will probably not come into the cabin with you. However, most companies produce portable small and medium-sized boards that are within great limits.

How to Travel with a Longboard?

A normal “non-electric” longboard (more than 62 inches long) should in most cases be placed in checked baggage.

Also, keep in mind that many airlines (especially budget airlines!) They may charge a fee for “extra” luggage. You can also invest in a board/carrier protection bag if you want to check it this way. Aircraft carriers are known for not handling sports equipment gently.

The problem with most electric longboards is that they contain a series of lithium-ion batteries. The simplest solution is (if possible) to remove the lithium-ion battery and carry it in the cabin bag.

If your battery violates regulations, then another option may be to try to take the battery to the final destination and take the board with you (no battery).

What Electric Skateboards can be Carried on Planes?

Most electric skateboards have a large battery capacity of more than 160-watt, so many e-boards are not suitable for air travel. However, there are boards with small batteries that you can carry in flight.

Here are some brands/models of e-board that can be worn on the fly with the individual size of their batteries in watt-hours.

Brand/ModelBattery Size (Wh)
Acton Blink S2160 Wh
Boosted Mini S99 Wh
Unlimited x Loaded Solo Kit90 Wh
ONAN Booster X290 Wh (standard)
Inboard M197 Wh
WowGo Electric Skateboard Kit144 Wh
Meepo Campus 2153 Wh
Mellow Drive/Board99 Wh
OneWheel Pint148 Wh


The best way to ensure that you can take your electric skateboard on board is to check the airline’s baggage policy or contact the airline and ask questions.

While government organizations may allow the transportation of battery-powered equipment, such as electric skateboards, subject to specific restrictions, they also give airlines the right and definitive power to allow or deny the transportation of this type of equipment on their aircraft for safety reasons. may receive commission for products recommended through affiliate links. Read our affiliate disclosure here.