10 Easiest Skateboard Tricks for Beginners

Last Updated on November 18, 2022

Easy Skateboard Tricks

Are you a beginner in the skateboarding world? Whether you are or not, it’s important to learn some easy skateboard tricks. There are so many things that can be done on a board and there is no reason for anyone to feel intimidated by their lack of skills. Skateboard tricks don’t have to be complicated! There are many tricks that even very young children can do.

There isn’t a magical age or skill level required for some of these easy skateboard tricks, it really just comes down to confidence and discipline!  In this blog post, we will go over the top 10 easiest tricks for beginners and how you can learn them quickly and easily.

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10 Easiest Skateboarding Tricks

1. The Flip On 

Let’s start with the most basic like the Flip On. This is one of the easiest tricks. Some people might not even call it a trick, but for beginners, I think it is a great way to start.

In this trick, you lay your skateboard upside down and just push from beneath and jump at the same time while the skateboard turns to the right side.

2. Kick Turn

While this trick may look complicated, it really is very easy to do. All you have to do is slightly lean backward on the board and push down with your feet as if doing a normal turn but instead of turning like usual, you will be making more of an “L” shape with your back foot. This should cause the nose/front end of the skateboard to lift up off of the ground allowing for easier kicking motions.

3. Ollie Pick Up

This is also one of the basic skateboarding tricks. In this move, you will want to squat down and jump with your back foot as if doing a normal ollie motion but instead lift up your front foot so that only one wheel hits the ground before going back into the air again. If done correctly, this should cause just enough movement from one side to another that allows for an easy pick-up!

4. Fakie Kick Turn

I found this trick to be the easiest among some advanced tricks. All you have to do for it is jump with your board, land on the ground so that both of your feet are touching it at once like in Tic Tac but instead perform a regular turn motion (kickturn) using only one foot!

If done successfully, this should cause just enough momentum from side to side that allows for an easy kickturn!

5. Boneless

This trick is very similar to Handstand Manual which makes it that much easier! For this move, you will want to lean your body forward while keeping both feet on the board. Once in an incline position, simply kick off with either one of your feet and push yourself back up so that you land comfortably on top of the skateboard again!

If done correctly, this should cause just enough momentum from side to side that allows for an easy boneless motion!

6. Tic Tac

This trick is very simple and easy to perform. All you have to do for this one is jump with your board, land on the ground so that both of your feet are touching it at once, and then jump again before landing back onto a wheel. If done correctly, the second time should cause just enough momentum from side to side that allows for an easy tic tac!

While Tic Tac may seem complicated at first glance because of how fast movements need to be made in order to keep up stability, after some practice, it’s really not hard at all.

7. Manual

Manual is one of the most basic skateboard tricks that you will be able to perform once you get the hang of it! All you have to do for this trick is start out, standing still on your board, and then push off with both feet at once. Once in motion, make sure not to let go of your board or else risk having a bad fall!

8. Wall Bounce

In this trick, all you have to do is ride into a wall with slow speed, move your board up a little and let it hop onto the wall vertically. The wheels and speed will then make the board bounce back and then you can put the board to the ground using your feet. This trick shouldn’t take more than a few tries to get completely down.

9. Hippie Jump

In this trick, all you have to do is jump up from the board and send your board underneath an obstacle and then jump back on the board. The way I learned it was by jumping and placing my feet on either side of the tail of the skateboard when it reached a certain height in order to balance myself out. This may sound complicated but once you get going, it’s really easy!

10. Firecracker

This trick is a little bit hard to learn skateboard trick. Firecracker is just like an advanced form of Manual but done on stairs.

It may take some practice but once you get comfortable with leaning back, it’s very simple! This move can be used when trying other tricks because of how much balance control it requires! If done properly, there should be no need for using both feet to regain stability like in other moves (unless you fall).


There you have it, the top ten easiest skateboard tricks for beginners! If done correctly and with enough practice, these moves should allow anyone to bust out some cool-looking tricks no matter how basic their current level of experience is.

No matter what type of skateboard trick you are trying to master, make sure that you have enough practice under your belt before attempting anything else because the last thing anyone wants is an injury! And for better safety, we recommend checking out our blog about the 10 Best Skateboard Helmets.

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