Best Skateboard Wheels 2023 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Skateboard Wheels

If your skateboard isn’t sliding as effortlessly as you’d like, it could be time to switch the wheels. If you’re considering getting the best skateboard wheels, you should initially figure out what you need to make an informed purchase.

Your skateboard wheels’ caliber may have a significant influence on your skating performance. Whether you’re shopping for wheels at a skate store or online, the variety of sizes, as well as colors available, might be daunting. So if you don’t know what to search for while purchasing skateboard wheels, then keep on reading.

We’ve identified and evaluated some of the best skateboard wheels on the marketplace. In addition, we’ve also provided a buying guide, so at the end of the article, you’ll understand which skateboard wheels to get.

Best Skateboard Wheels 2023 – Comparison Table

Image Skateboard
Our Rating  
Sector 9 Top Shelf Sector 9 Top Shelf
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Size: 74mm
Hardness: 78a
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Spitfire Formula 4 Classics 101du Spitfire Formula 4
Classics 101du
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Size: 52mm
Hardness: 101a
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Ricta Clouds Ricta Clouds
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Size: 58mm
Hardness: 86a
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Spitfire Formula 4 Classics 99A Spitfire Formula 4
Classics 99A
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Size: 52mm
Hardness: 99a
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Bones 100's Bones 100’s
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Size: 52mm
Hardness: 100a
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OJ Mini Super Juice OJ Mini
Super Juice
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Size: 55mm
Hardness: 78a
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Orangatang Fat-Free Orangatang
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Size: 65mm
Hardness: 83a
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Shark Wheel Shark Wheel
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Size: 60mm
Hardness: 78a
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Santa Cruz Slime Balls Santa Cruz
Slime Balls
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Size: 66mm
Hardness: 78a
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Spitfire Bighead Spitfire Bighead
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Size: 54mm
Hardness: 99a
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1. Sector 9 Top Shelf Skateboard Wheels 

Sector 9 Top Shelf Skateboard Wheels
  • Size: 74mm
  • Hardness: 78a
  • Use: Best for street cruising.

Isn’t it true that if you want decent skateboard wheels, you should go to a company that specializes in giving you high-quality products? Sector 9 utilizes the urethane formula to make high-quality wheels.

The elegant style is available in a variety of colors and is 74mm in diameter. They’re capable of handling flips as well as corners. This package of four wheels is comprised of high-quality urethane, which provides exceptional traction, stress absorption, but also extends the lifetime of the wheels.

Beginner to moderate riders will be able to ride these wheels. These wheels offer the ideal balance of power as well as durability. Regrettably, these wheels are somewhat pricey. However, considering their high-quality efficiency, the cost is reasonable.

  • Comes in set of 4 wheels
  • Durable as well as long lasting
  • Available in more colors
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate
  • Without bearings
  • A bit expensive

2. Spitfire Formula 4 Classics 101du Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire Formula 4 Classics 101du Skateboard Wheels
  • Size: 52mm
  • Hardness: 101a
  • Use: Best for park and street skating. 

Spitfire wheels have been crushing it in the business for many years, producing the highest grade urethane wheels. Spitfire wheels are noted for maintaining their structure as well as form regardless of where you skate.

These wheels are made of high-quality elements and have a prolonged lifespan. Hard wheels typically offer strong velocity but not pleasant traction or balance. On the other hand, the Spitfire Formula 4 classic wheels have a treaded surface as well as a greater width, thus providing you with the necessary balance and grip.

Stunts are simpler to do with this balance as well as grip. These are definitely some decent skateboard wheels to buy if your skating abilities are modest.

  • Durable and strong
  • Ideal for intermediate skaters
  • The larger width provide more stability
  • More speed and grip due to the 101a
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Not good for powerslide

3. Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels 

Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels
  • Size: 58mm
  • Hardness: 86a
  • Use: Best for rough terrains.

Because of their lightweight construction, Ricta Clouds 86a Skateboard Wheels are the perfect skateboard rims when cruising as well as filming. You’ll have a fantastic time cruising down the roads, whether you’re a newbie or a skilled skateboarder.

You won’t have any concerns about these wheels breaking down quickly because of their flexible urethane design. They’re also made for harsh lands, so you may ride on the stony or spiky ground without hurting your wheels.

Riding across rocky terrains is also made simpler due to the wheels’ glossy surface. This layer not only enhances grip but also gives better sturdiness as well as hold.

These wheels come in a variety of sizes, starting from 52mm to 60mm in diameter. If you’re a newbie, begin with 52mm, and if you’re an advanced skater, go with 58mm. It’s best to select the diameter based on your abilities.

  • Soft urethane construction for durability
  • Designed for rough terrains
  • Shiny coating adds stability and traction
  • Wheels are lightweight and not bulky
  • Slightly expensive

4. Spitfire Formula 4 Classics 99A Skateboard Wheels 

Spitfire Formula 4 Classics 99A Skateboard Wheels
  • Size: 52mm
  • Hardness: 99a
  • Use: Best for street and skateparks.

Spitfire’s iconic set of four wheels are available in ten distinct colors. It has a diameter of 52mm as well as a durometer of  99a, enabling it both speed as well as toughness.

The Formula Four Urethane is what sets them apart from the competition. It has a particular resistance to abrasion, which means there are fewer flat parts. You also get better traction, greater velocity, as well as a perfect anti-slick glide, resulting in the finest skating experience possible.

These wheels have a very slender riding surface. They not only provide you with greater acceleration, but they also give you the most stability during those tight bends and steep rides down the hills.

Moreover, if you are on a tight spending plan, the amazing qualities combined with the low price make them among the very best skateboard wheels available.

  • Provides great speed as well as grip
  • Fit to ride on all types of surfaces
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Manufactured with high-quality materials
  • Design is not eye-catching
  • Not suitable for powerslide

5. Bones 100’s Skateboard Wheels 

Bones 100's Skateboard Wheels
  • Size: 52mm
  • Hardness: 100a
  • Use: Best for rough streets.

To generate this very exact wheel, Bone’s wheels are made up of many urethane formulae. These durable wheels are not only fast, but are also very adaptable. They can withstand any type of riding, and the urethane is also scratch-resistant. As a result, you won’t be bothered with flat spots.

You may utilize them on a variety of grounds and with a variety of skating techniques. The only drawback is that they might be a little harsh in the beginning. Once you’ve worn in the wheels a little, it’s all perfect skating after that.

They are one of the toughest wheels in the industry, with a durometer of 100a. As a result, they can easily accommodate complicated stunts. These are excellent skateboard wheels to consider regardless of whether you’re a rookie or an expert.

  • Available in multiple vibrant colors
  • Compatible with different terrains
  • Compatible with different skating styles
  • Can handle complex tricks
  • Rough during the initial rides

6. OJ Mini Super Juice Skateboard Wheels 

OJ Mini Super Juice Skateboard Wheels
  • Size: 55mm
  • Hardness: 78a
  • Use: Best for street, as well as freestyle skateboarding.

OJ Wheels is the earliest known company. With so much expertise, they create some of the greatest wheels utilizing only the finest urethane formulae.

OJ takes it a stage further by offering wheels for various sorts of skating, including wheels that give a comfortable, stealthy ride on gravel or concrete, as well as wheels suited for velocity as well as longboarding.

OJ skateboard rims have a significant following due to their high goods. Their cruiser wheels are also quite famous and of high durability. The wheels are tough as well as long-lasting, and the designs are vibrant. The wheels are truly an all-rounder, as they are appropriate for every terrain.

  • Good value for the price
  • Strong grip on any surface
  • Variety of colors
  • Urethane is a bit fragile but not of bad quality

7. Orangatang Fat-Free Skateboard Wheels 

Orangatang Fat-Free Skateboard Wheels
  • Size: 65mm
  • Hardness: 83a
  • Use: Best for rough terrains and freestyle riders.

Orangatang fat-free Skateboard Wheels are among the industry’s best-rated skateboard wheels. The Fat-Free is a compact, ultralight freeride wheel intended to use on smaller longboards such as minis as well as double skateboards.

For flips as well as glides, they offer swift acceleration, maneuverability, and are lightweight. They’re made with their trademark Happy Thane mix for a comfortable but sturdy ride. They’re ideal for commutes, carving, as well as lengthy rides. These wheels are made to keep you steady and prevent you from slipping as you ride down the street.

Given the enormity of these wheels and their incompatibility with typical settings,  you’ll need to invest in a boosted board with risers. Ultimately, the extra cost is definitely justified because these wheels will drastically improve the way your board works.

  • Incredible speed and stability
  • Provides great grip for ease rolling over cracks
  • Poured in Happy Thane Formula for a plush yet grippy ride
  • Available in many different colors and durometers
  • incompatible with standard setups, requires boosted boards with risers
  • Without bearings

8. Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels 

Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels
  • Size: 60mm
  • Hardness: 78a
  • Use: Best for rough and wet terrains.

The Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels have a distinctive style that renders them difficult to overlook. The wheels’ bent design contributes to the elegance as well as usefulness. This form provides smooth-skating, making them one of the greatest street skateboard wheels available.

These wheels are powerful enough to shove tiny pebbles plus other obstructions out of your way, allowing you to travel easily and keep your pace. Moreover, they include a proprietary sidewinder composition that reduces friction and increases grip, so you won’t lose balance.

Some consumers were upset to see that the bearings that were promised as being featured with these wheels were not supplied. Nonetheless, these 78a durometer 60mm shark wheel skateboards are a wonderful purchase for improving your riding performance.

  • Uniquely curved wheels give more stability
  • Suitable for rough as well as wet terrains
  • Less friction for smooth sliding
  • Quite expensive
  • Not ideal for performing tricks

9. Santa Cruz Slime Balls Skateboard Wheels 

Santa Cruz Slime Balls Skateboard Wheels
  • Size: 66mm
  • Hardness: 78a
  • Use: Best for performing tricks and stunts.

If you want to be groovy on the streets, the Santa Cruz Skateboards SlimeBalls Skateboard Wheels are for you. Thanks to the amusing patterns and vibrant green hue,  these wheels not only look great, but they also function effectively.   The distinctive mold, in combination with the exclusive urethane recipe, enhances your riding experience.

Furthermore, the wheels are wear-resistant and do not crack. Skaters will not experience bearing seat stretching, softness, or velocity reduction.

Moreover, while rolling over any surface, these wheels offer incredible acceleration, stability, as well as traction. The surface has been smoothed out to make it simpler to glide and perform your outrageous skateboard flips. Regrettably, these wheels are extremely costly. However, considering their high-quality performance, the price is reasonable.

  • Amazing graphics
  • Bright neon green color glows in the dark
  • Wheels do not chip off
  • No bearing seat stretches, softening, and speed loss
  • Slightly expensive

10. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels 

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels
  • Size: 54mm
  • Hardness: 99a
  • Use: Best for skate parks and pools

If you’re searching for a trustworthy as well as sturdy skateboard wheel, the Spitfire skateboard wheels are the way to go. These wheels are constructed of excellent materials and have a considerable lifespan.

Hard wheels usually give strong speed but not pleasant traction or steadiness. However, with the Spitfire Bighead wheels, you will have the essential balance as well as a grip when skating due to their treaded base and bigger width.

Stunts are simpler to do with this stability as well as grip. Furthermore, the user-friendly characteristics, along with the 99a durometer, make these wheels ideal for skating effortlessly in pools as well as skateparks.

Ensure to inspect your wheels for production problems, as one user reported experiencing instability because the molding was a little uneven. Aside from that, these wheels are incredibly fantastic and reasonably priced.

  • Guarantees faster speeds and resistance from flat spots
  • Suitable for all riding styles
  • Extremely durable urethane wheels
  • Provides maximum shock absorption
  • Not ideal for speed skating for beginners

Best Skateboard Wheels – Buyer’s Guide 

What to look for?

When it comes to selecting your next pair of skateboard wheels, there are several factors to examine. Even little changes in wheel diameter or toughness can have a significant impact on how your board feels but also performs. Finding the greatest skateboard wheels is a matter of subjective taste dependent on the type of skating you want to perform.

1. Wheel Type

Skateboard wheels come in three basic forms, each of which is enjoyable and effective for different sorts of riding. Read on to see whether any of these are a good match for you.

Street Wheel

They are usually of diameter 50-60mm and durometer 95-101a.

These hard wheels are the perfect skateboard wheels for a park as well as street skating. Due to them being lightweight, they glide fast on smooth surfaces as well as roll smoothly.

Cruiser Wheel 

They are usually of diameter 55-60mm as well as a durometer 77-90a.

Cruiser skateboard wheels, or soft skateboard wheels, are typically bigger and a lot softer and smoother than park/street wheels. Suitable for any deck and roll fast on any surface. 

Longboard Wheel

They are usually of diameter 60-75mm and durometer 75-85a.

The biggest and softest wheels available, longboard wheels are designed to power through rough surfaces and keep their grip through corners. There’s a huge variety of options for everything from carving and cruising to sliding and downhill racing.

2. Diameter

50-53mm: These smaller wheels are great for trick riding and difficult riding. They may be used at skate parks as well as skating bowls. When you utilize small wheels, you should anticipate a slower ride.

54-59mm: Larger riders or newbies will benefit from these wheels. They may be used at skate parks. They’re also great for everyday riding.

60 mm and up: these huge wheels are great for speed skating, transitioning, as well as skating on rougher terrain.

3. Durometer

78 to 87 A: these softer wheels are perfect for longboarders as well as uneven terrains. They offer lots of traction and can smoothly glide over small rocks as well as cracks.

88 to 95 A: these wheels offer less traction than the group above, but enough that they can still be appreciated by skaters who longboards or does a combination of street riding as well as riding over rough terrains.

96 to 99 A: this wheel is an excellent choice for skaters who need an all-around wheel. You can use it at the skatepark, ramps, pools, or even as a newbie.

101+: these wheels are harder as well as faster to give the minimum amount of traction so skaters can comfortably perform stunts. 

4. Shape

Sharp-lip Shape

This wheel type is ideal for casual cruising, carving, as well as racing in some circumstances. When pressure is applied during severe bends, a sharp lip on a wheel provides more traction than “round-lip” wheels.

Round-lip Shape

Round-lip wheels are ideal for skaters who want to do surf-inspired sliding as well as carves, or perhaps for those who want to understand how to power slide. A wheel’s round-lip design allows for a consistent glide from beginning to e

How to choose the right Sized Wheels?

It basically depends on your skateboarding style and skill set. If you like to do more fun tricks, ollies and stunts then street/park wheels are the best for you as they roll beautifully on smooth surfaces.

If you like cruising then cruiser wheels are better for you as they roll more smoothly than street wheels. But if your interest lies in carving and downhill racing then you should choose longboard wheels.

We recommend doing thorough research before you decide to buy any wheel online. If you head down to your local skate shop make sure to ask the help of the shopkeeper as he can probably provide the best wheels according to your needs.

How to choose the right Durometer Wheels?

The hardness of skateboard wheels is measured in durometers and is constructed of polyurethane. Most are in the 76a to 103a range. A soft wheel is one with a rating of 79a to 89a, a moderate range of 89a to 98a, and a hard wheel with a rating of 99a or above.

For skateparks or street skating on ledges, rails, gaps, especially manual pads, we suggest hard wheels. When cruising, transit, as well as longboarding, soft wheels are ideal. 

Pros and Cons of Small Wheels vs Large Wheels

Big wheels


  • Perfect for cruising as well as speed.
  • Don’t halt you as quickly when you skate over cracks or rocks.
  • Big wheels have a more high speed.


  • Much heavier and bulkier than small wheels.
  • Have slower acceleration.

Small wheels


  • Perfect for street skating.
  • Are lightweight hence easy to ride.
  • Small wheels have much better acceleration.


  • Can halt really easily if you glide over a crack or a rock.
  • They have a slower speed.

Best Skateboard Wheels – FAQs 

What does ‘durometer’ mean?
The hardness of skateboard wheels is measured using a Durometer. They’re usually assessed using an ‘A Scale.’ Low durometer wheels are softer, have more friction, therefore giving a comfortable ride, whereas high durometer wheels are harsher, have less grip, and create a more realistic sensation of speed when skating.
What are skateboard wheels made from?
Polyurethane is used to make skateboarding wheels. Skateboarders depended on roller derby or clay wheels to maintain movement until the advent of urethane wheels. Urethane rapidly became the industry’s preferred component for making skateboard wheels after its debut.
What are flat spots?
Flat Spots are the flat patches of a wheel that form over time as a result of wear. Some are obvious, while others are practically imperceptible.
Can you powerslide with soft wheels?
On softer wheels, you can’t powerslide. They’ll rip each other apart. They’re too soft and grippy. These wheels are great for pumping and carving, but not so much for power sliding. Power sliding is best done with harder wheels.

Final Verdict – Wrapping it up

So that’s it; we’re going to call it a day. To offer you a clearer view, we went over a number of fantastic skateboard wheels in depth. It’s critical to assess your skating abilities before picking which one to purchase.

It will be much easier to pick skateboard wheels once you know which group you fit into. Some high-end wheels for experienced skaters may appear to be a lot of fun to use, but you should select wheels that are appropriate for your ability level.

By training often, you may take your skating game to the next level. The majority of the wheels come with installation instructions to guide you through the procedure. Make sure you read it all the way through to make sure you’re on the correct track.

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