Best Skateboard Helmets 2023 – Ultimate Guide

Best Skateboard Helmets

We can’t even imagine skateboarding without a helmet, they’re as important as skateboards themselves. No matter what level of rider you are, you should always wear a helmet when you ride. In fact, for better safety, you should ride with one of the best skateboard helmets available in the market.

However, finding a good skateboard helmet can be a little tricky. What matters most is how well they fit and how well they are built. 

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best skateboard helmets available in the market so that you can ride safely. Not only will these helmets be great for skateboarding, but also for Electric Skateboarding. And I’m sure after reading this article you will surely be able to pick the best helmet for your needs.

Best Skateboard Helmets 2023 – Comparison Table

Image Skateboard
Triple Eight SweatSaver Helmet 1 Triple Eight Sweat
Saver Helmet
Best for Sweaty Hands Check Price
Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet 2 Lumos Matrix
Smart Helmet
Best for Night Riding  Check Price
Retrospec Dakota Helmet 3 Retrospec Dakota
Best Multi-Purpose Check Price
TSG Pass Full-Face Helmet 4 TSG Pass Full-Face
Made for Pros Check Price
JBM Skateboard Helmet 5 JBM Skateboard
Best Budget Option Check Price
Pro-Tec Full Cut Helmet 6  Pro-Tec Full
Cut Helmet
Best Fit Check Price
S1 Lifer Helmet 7 S1 Lifer Helmet  Most Underrated
Check Price
YanLin Kids Safety Helmet 8 YanLin Kids
Safety Helmet
Best Pick for Kids Check Price
Triple Eight Little Tricky 9 Triple Eight
Little Tricky Helmet
Best Budget
Option for Kids
Check Price
OutdoorMaster Helmet 10 OutdoorMaster
Best for Adults  Check Price

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Without further ado, let’s hop on to the reviews!

1. Triple Eight SweatSaver Helmet – Best for Sweaty Hands

Triple Eight SweatSaver Skateboard Helmet

The triple eight sweat saver helmet is a dual certified skateboard helmet. If we talk about the construction of it, the outer shell of this helmet is made up of strong ABS plastic which makes it durable and sturdy. High-quality EPS foam and thick dual-density soft foam to absorb shock on impact collisions and keep you safe along with great comfort.

The helmet offers great air circulation with its famous plush fit. The fabric of this helmet makes it very comfortable for moisture and sweat-wicking. The sweat-free, itch-free, and smell-free properties of the helmet make it ideal for all-day riding around.

It provides a customizable fit as it incorporates two separate assortments of detachable and cleanable sweat saver liners. Adjustable straps further make sure you can have a perfect fit to snug in.

  • Durable and Sturdy.
  • High-quality EPS foam.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Doesn’t meet CPSC or ASTM certification.

2. Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet – Best for Night Riding

Lumos Matrix Smart Skateboard Helmet

The matrix from Lumos’s range of small helmets is the most stylish and flashiest version you will see. It is a very cool-looking helmet in the market and this is the one feature that makes it attractive.

The outer shell of the Lumos is constructed of ABS plastic providing a fully waterproof material. You can wear it in the rain without worrying about electronic malfunctions. It also offers a multi-directional Impact Protection System option available for added safety and protection.

It has a fully customizable matrix, you can connect with your smartphone to choose any pattern or personal styling to display on the matrix. The matrix is also comfortable along with being cool-looking. The adjustable straps make sure the fit is perfect and doesn’t slip off your head.

This helmet is an aerodynamic, thoroughly vented design. It has four vents on the top of the helmet for maximum air circulation to keep you comfortable with cool and stylish looks.

  • Stylish Design.
  • Multi-directional Impact Protection
  • Connects with your smartphone.
  • A bit expensive.

3. Retrospec Dakota Helmet – Best Multi-Purpose

Retrospec Dakota Skateboards Helmet

Get ready to fly wherever the wheel takes you. Gear up for skateparks, roads, and everywhere in between with Retrospec Dakota multi-purpose helmet. This skateboard helmet provides premium protection as it is fully built with an ABS shell with high-quality EPS foam to absorb shock on impact and keep you safe.

It is CPSC tested providing you guaranteed safety. It provides great all-day comfort. The helmet has 10 vents to keep your head cool and Dew Collector interior padding technology that works well with the sweat absorption for the best convenience and keeps your fun rolling.

It provides interchangeable pads so you can get the ideal fitting and straps that provide a customizable and adjustable fit. A variety of different bright colors is available to compliment your skate look.

Retrospec Dakota Helmet is a perfect multi-purpose helmet for a safer and most comfortable ride with stylish looks.

  • Multi-purpose helmet.
  • Dew Collector interior padding.
  • Interchangeable pads.
  • ABS shell feels a bit heavy.

4. TSG Pass Full-Face Helmet – Made for Pros

TSG Pass Full-Face Skateboard Helmet

The TSG pass is a full-face helmet suitable for experts. The shell of this helmet is constructed from fiberglass material. The material makes it a lot tougher and lightweight than other plastic shell helmets. It has swappable EPS foam on the chin area. The overall shape of this helmet is very helpful and comfortable.

The TSG pass pro helmet provides great visibility. The front bit of the helmet is cut out perfectly which allows you to see as great as 180-degree vision and a great peripheral vision too. 

The size of the helmet is pretty adjustable and comfortable as well. You get a tighter or looser fit simply by interchanging the cheek pads. The shell also stretches a tiny bit while wearing it which creates great comfort.

The visor is also removable if you wish to take it off however it is not advisable as it provides protection and that’s what a helmet is supposed to do.

  • Durable fiberglass material.
  • Great visibility.
  • Adjustable and comfortable size.
  • Slightly Expensive.

5. JBM Skateboard Helmet – Best Budget Option

JBM Skateboard Skateboard Helmet

The JMB skateboard helmet is a great deal for you if you are finding the best helmets on budget. Being a budget-friendly option, it still comes with necessary features. The helmet is a dual-certified product, CPSC and ASTM, for the best assurance for maximum protection.

The quality is great at the price range and can carry all sorts of impacts with efficiency without breaking. JBM helmet is built from a good quality hard-shell with strong and long-lasting PVC & PC. The EPS foam guards your head against linear impacts and efficiently absorbs impacts. The resistance abilities are deserving to consider without a doubt.

Overall, this is a nice helmet at a very affordable price point. It is a great option for beginners with a tight budget. The bottom line, the JBM helmet will shield you if you happen to fall over.

  • Budget Friendly.
  • CPSC and ASTM certified.
  • Great option for beginners.
  • Straps aren’t durable.

6. Pro-Tec Full Cut Helmet – Best Fit

Pro-Tec Full Cut Skateboard Helmet

This is a pro-quality helmet designed for skateboards for a much-protected experience. The outer shell of this helmet is constructed of strong and durable ABS plastic. Along with solid durability, there is also a two-stage foam liner that offers great protection against high-speed, severe falls, and high-impact collisions.

The helmet is commendable for air circulation, it has a total of seventeen vents to keep your head cool and dry. The thick moisture-wicking liner inside the helmet preserves you from sweat dropping and keeps your ride comfortable all around.

Beginner or expert, anyone can get hurt in skateboarding or other extreme sports. However, staying ready in the case of a dangerous crash can conceivably save your life. This helmet is ASTM certified which assures your safety and security fully.

  • Great protection.
  • Good air circulation.
  • Thick moisture-wicking liner.
  • You will need to choose a bigger size than you measured.

7. S1 Lifer Helmet – Most Underrated Option

S1 Lifer Skateboard Helmet

The S1 Lifer helmet is the nicest yet quite underrated helmet option for most. Although many loyalists always choose this helmet as it is the best option with many important features.

The quality of the helmet is pretty reliable. The outer shell of the helmet is firm and sturdy. The head feels very comfortable in it certainly is a high-quality helmet. The extra liners that come with it are very comfortable and help you adjust the fit according to your convenience.

The helmet will protect as it has all relevant safety certifications. When you fall and hit your head on the thoroughfare, the S1 will guard you against brain damage and shock-resistant properties are also worth mentioning.

The S1 Lifer is a great helmet if you want a touch of additional comfort and style. The helmet has a wide range of color options that makes this helmet an attractive choice.

  • Sturdy and comfortable.
  • Good fit.
  • Wide range of color options.
  • The shell is a little thin.

8. YanLin Kids Safety Helmet – Best Pick for Kids

YanLin Kids Safety Skateboard Helmet

If you are looking for a helmet option for your kids, the YanLin has all the properties to protect your kids while bicycling or skateboarding. Its detachable design can make it a one-time investment. It meets the needs of kids in all sorts of ridings.

This children’s helmet is constructed of PS and EPS material with shock-resistant properties. The outer shell is strong, sturdy, and very durable. The thick multi-density EPS foam material inside the helmet makes it very comfortable to wear.

Also, the impact-resistant properties reduce the uncertainty of injury to the head in a collision. The shape design is also well-built for full certainty of protecting the cranial part of the head.

The helmet is highly ventilated. It has 13 vents for air circulation and keeping your kid cool-headed and comfortable. It is also very lightweight which makes the riding fatigue-free. An adjustable system is also very durable and convenient to fit the helmet perfectly.

  • Detachable design.
  • Shock-resistant properties.
  • Attractive design.
  • No cons.

9. Triple Eight Little Tricky Helmet – Best Budget Option for Kids

Triple Eight Little Tricky Skateboard Helmet

The Triple Eight Little Tricky is the best on-budget helmet for juniors with great quality and features. Kids require helmets that will fit snugly on their small heads. This helmet is appropriately designed for small kids.

It is a dual-certified helmet to assure the safety of your child. The outer shell of the helmet is tough, long-lasting, and high-density ABS plastic with EPS liner. The helmet comes with a pair of paddings for providing a comfortable and customizable fit.

We think that the Little Tricky checks all the boxes to be a perfect helmet for juniors. It is good-looking with a wide range of attractive bright colors, it fits perfectly on small heads, it is very comfortable, and meets all the relevant safety regulations. So, it is the full package for your kids.

  • Best for budget.
  • Dual-certified helmet.
  • Wide range of bright colors.
  • Straps are not durable.

10. OutdoorMaster Helmet – Best for Adults

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet

The outdoorMaster helmet is a multi-sport helmet designed for maximum safety as it is a dual certified helmet (ASTM and CPSC). The helmet is built for both comfort and impact resistance.

The outer shell is highly durable and sturdy ABS plastic with a shock-absorbing inside layer of EPS material. The liners inside the helmet are multi-CPSC-certified and are removable and washable.

The removable liners make it great for adjustable fitting. The adjustable and skin-friendly chin straps are very durable and allow a great fit for your comfort.

The ventilation system of this helmet is very comfortable and professional style with 12 air vents for maximum air circulation. It keeps you cool-headed and comfortable for long rides and very ideal for hot and humid days.

The OutdoorMaster helmet is a pretty conventional choice when it comes to security for your head. It is very affordable, it emphasizes all the related certifications that guarantee it will work best in protecting you. If you want an on-budget helmet, it’s an outstanding option.

  • Highly durable and sturdy.
  • Removable and washable liners.
  • 12 air vents.
  • Quite bulky.

Types of Helmet – Which one is best for you?

Types of skateboard helmets

There are many options available on the market other than the standard skateboard helmet style. You can explore the options if you like to wear something different or the one that meets your needs.

Below we have explained some types of helmets so you could decide easily what fits you the best.


Leisure is the type of helmet that is mostly used for convenience and leisure. These helmets are usually in very bright and vibrant colors, they give a perfect sporty look.

These leisure helmets are very handy and are profoundly ventilated. Their downside is they are not very suitable for implementing dynamic stunts and aggressive tricks. They are also a pretty expensive choice.

Road Helmets

This type of helmet is used for many purposes. This can also be used for other activities than skateboarding, like; cycling, biking, etc. Their multi-purpose features make them ideal for other action sports activities.

They are usually very simple in design and looks. They are made for aggressive sports. The rigid shell with soft padding makes you comfortable as well as provides the ultimate safety.

Full Face

The full-faced skateboard helmets are the best of all types. They give the most security. There is a full visor concealing your face for ultimate protection. They look much like motorbike helmets.

Because you are fully covered, there is no risk of injuring your head with full-faceCPSC-certified helmets if you get in an accident. These are the best choice for the rider who performs vigorous performances on their skateboard.

Best Skateboard Helmets – Buyer’s Guide

Don’t feel skeptical about what skateboard helmet will be the best for you. You are not alone in this.

We have provided some additional information about what factors you need to consider before buying the skateboard helmet for yourself. Read through and pay attention to all these aspects to save your time as well as money, and get help for making the right consideration.

Factors to Consider 

1. Shell Material

The shell material is an essential feature of the skateboard. The shell is what protects you from head injuries providing necessary shielding to your head. It is necessary to pay good attention to shell material when buying a helmet. It should be constructed of strong, long-lasting, and smash repellent material.

Skateboarding helmets are constructed of various materials. However, the common materials are ABS plastic, Kevlar, Fibreglass, and Carbon fiber. These materials have various features required to make strong and durable helmets. Let’s quickly see what features these materials provide you.

Fiberglass is easy to mold and flexible as well as a hard material, this is quite economical material. Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is also a very sturdy and handy material, it is durable and also deflects shocks. Lastly, ABS plastic provides excellent protection from bumps and dents. It is a very durable and reliable material.

Make sure to go through the qualities each helmet offers so that you get what fits your budget and also provide the comfort and safety that you require.

2. Size and Fitting

This is another very important factor to consider when buying a skateboard helmet. Perfect size not only gives you ultimate defense but also gives you a state of ease. Because even if you get the best helmet, it won’t do much if it doesn’t fit properly.

You don’t want your helmet to slide off your head and ditch you in difficult situations. Similarly, too small helmets can cause extreme discomfort and headaches.

When shopping online, it can be extremely difficult to be sure about helmet size and if that fits you correctly. Here are some steps that you can follow to avoid inconveniences and shop for the best size.

How to measure Helmet Size?

How to measure Skateboard Helmet Size

As mentioned above, make sure you buy the helmet with the perfect size and fitting to ensure maximum safety and comfort while riding at your best.

Helmet Size Chart

Helmet Size Chart

3. Safety

Safety is the ultimate purpose of the helmet. There are many safety instructions and rules for skateboarding as well as other sports. The objective of the regulations and guidelines is to decrease head rupture risk when wearing a helmet.

Skateboard helmets have to go through an examination to get the certification, that is, CPSC certification. Get a helmet that is CPSC certified to get the maximum protection assurance. The CPSC-certified helmets come with an EPS protective liner.

To get the CPSC certification, the helmets have to meet the needs written down by the consumer product safety commission. This is a surety of the ability of the product to perform excellently in wild situations.

Many brands in the market provide a different level of thickness in the helmets, go for the one that provides maximum protection even in extreme situations. Familiarize yourself with the details that make a helmet ideal for protection from shock impacts and accidents.

4. Comfort

Comfort is the one thing that is important in whatever you are using. The perfect size and fitting, ventilation system, shell materials, padding all provide the comfort of a skateboard helmet.

You have to thoroughly check every aspect to make sure the product is providing the comfort that you require to keep the fun rolling.

Read through all the features and factors to get yourself the skateboard helmet that gives you the perfect fit and provides you with the best ventilation along with the material for adventurous and thrilling stunts.

5. Ventilation

Sweating is common in skating or any other sport. It is natural to get distracted if your sweat is dripping down and annoying you. And, who wants to carry a hanky to wipe while sporting?

This is why it is very crucial to make sure your helmet has a great ventilating system. A well-ventilated helmet will keep your head cool and controlled. Such well-ventilated helmets have vents in the shell that allow atmospheric air to pass inside the helmet and give your head a cooling effect while you focus on skating passionately.

Before buying this safety essential accessory, make sure the helmet you choose has a proper ventilation system. It prevents sweating, keeps your head cool, and gives you a hustle-free ride. This makes you focus on balanced riding, better learning, and performing tricks. Moreover, this peculiarity is necessary as it inhibits distractions.

6. Padding

Padding is an indispensable part of all the best skateboarding helmets. It presents ease while skateboarding and is shock absorbent when subjected to impact. Protective padding also ensures the helmet prevents the helmet from slipping or dropping off.

The two-layer type padding is mostly used in the best quality skateboard helmets.

The first layer is composed of a strong EPS form lastingly bound to the outer shell and has no head connection. The second layer is much smoother and attached to the first layer in a form that allows washing. Use one extra padding for hygiene purposes.

Moreover, the padding gives an extra fit and does not discomfort you with a solid structure. You can customize the size according to your convenience. Make sure the padding is not too heavy, stuffy, or itchy. It can irritate you if you go for a low-quality padding system. Moisture-free and the one which does not stink is a great choice of padding to go for in a helmet. 

7. Design

Designs of skateboard helmets can be well constructed as well as stylish looking so that you feel safe and secure without compromising on looks.

Although the ultimate goal of the skateboard is providing safety and security. But considering the design of the helmet is kinda cool. There is a pool of good-looking skateboards and unique designs that give you a sporty look for the coolest ride look wise.

However, do not pay a lot of attention to looks and designs. Get yourself a skateboard helmet that gives you maximum protection in all circumstances. Looks are a secondary option. So, as long as it provides safety, it is a good helmet.

8. Chin Straps

Chinstrap is a very significant factor still it is overlooked at the time of buying as it plays a small role in safety features. But it is important to ensure the strap and retention system is well built. The chin straps make sure the helmet is well-secured and comfortable on your head. If you ignore this factor, it can slip off and get you in unnecessary danger.

Look for the chin strap’s quality thoroughly before buying because it helps you adjust the size and provide you with protection from slipping and falling. Choose a helmet with solid and flexible chin straps to give you an adjustable fit and thickness that will ensure security and minimize any risks and problems.

A V-shaped strap from the ears is considered to be safer and of good quality. We advise you to check the defects on the chin straps regularly. If you see any early cracks or other faults, change them immediately as it can be dangerous to wear helmets with deficiencies.

9. Certification

Certification does make a difference in good quality helmets. It is proof that assures you that your helmet is tough and sturdy and will not abandon you in your difficult times in case of emergencies.

Certification is an important factor to consider when buying skateboard helmets. These regulatory bodies are best known as CPSC and ASTM, they test the materials according to the guidelines of safety regulations to ensure that it is safe even in the worst cases.

These certifications are proof that your head will be protected from injuries when in impact. If there will be testing or certifications, everyone will tell you that it provides exceptional protection even when it does not.

As skateboarding is an aggressive sport and can cause many accidents when stunting and tricks, it is important to feel protected in such a dangerous sport. We advise you to check the CPSC and ASTM certifications to be sure that helmets provide you with what it is supposed to. 

10. Price and Warranty

The Price is a “yes/no” important factor. I mean, you should see all the products and the features that they offer and at what prices. You might get a good product at comparatively low prices which is a good deal.

However, do not give importance to pricing over safety. Buy yourself a helmet that protects you in all forms and impacts. You should also go for the helmet brand that offers a warranty on the product. Warranties help you in gaining confidence in the brand and it also saves your money if any unpleasant thing happens.

You can get it fixed or replaced according to the policy of the brand. This factor makes you understand what you are getting yourself into and that you can expect fixations and return if needed.

Why You Should Wear a Skateboard Helmet?

Skateboarding is a dangerous and aggressive sport. You can never tell if the accident is not going to happen. In such extreme sports, you are likely to get head injuries that can lead to disabilities in crashes.

It should be mandatory to wear skateboard helmets because it protects you from brain injuries and prevent you from shocks and so, you do not need to put yourself at risk when there is an option available to make you keep your passion for skateboarding up with protection and safety.

Best Skateboard Helmets – FAQs

What helmet do pro-skateboarders wear?

Is it illegal to ride a skateboard without a helmet?

Are there any requirements for CPSC and ASTM certification?

How to tell if a helmet has a CPSC or ASTM certification?

Final Verdict – Wrapping it up

The importance of skateboard helmets can never be undermined. The helmets provide you safety and security in the worst cases on the most important part of your body, THE BRAIN! you cannot compromise on safety while playing such a dangerous sport.

However, some skateboarders do not wear helmets and that might fool you into thinking that you are safe and do not require any helmet to be secure.

In this guide, we have listed the best skateboard helmets to make you select the right one for yourself. And also, we have provided you with many factors that you need to consider before buying a skateboard helmet for yourself.

We have made sure to provide you with helmets that are protective and are worthy of your investments. Want to know more about protective gear? Click here to read a detailed guide.

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