15 Best Skateboard Brands to know in 2023

Best Skateboard Brands
Best Skateboard Brands

The history of the skateboard goes back to 1959 when it was first invented. And till now this sport is still growing and is famous among all age groups. In all these years there have been several Skateboard brands established. But only a few have maintained a name and are well-respected.

We know about skateboarders, they always go for a trustworthy brand and are very loyal to their Brand. Some brands have been around for decades while some have just put a step into this industry.

With hundreds of options available, it was tough for us to select the top 15 Skateboard Brands and make a list out of them. But we still did it for our visitors so they don’t have to worry about deciding while buying their board.

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The 15 Best Skateboard Brands

1. Plan B Skateboards

Plan B Skateboard Brand


Plan B is one of the best and most well-known skateboard brands in the world. It is also based in California and was founded by three friends, Jackson Kintzer, Brian Johnson, and Mike Turansky in the year 1991.

Unfortunately, Mike Turansky died in the year 1994. But in 2005, Plan B was revived under the supervision of Colin McKay and Danny Way. They are also known for producing appealing sports apparel like jackets, jeans, and jumpers.

Deck Quality

In 2005, the new founders of the company came up with some great and unique ideas. First, they experimented with the deck design of the board and tried to make the concave better. And at last, they managed to produce one of the best designs which the professionals even loved.

The Deck is made of 7 layers of thick maple wood, which has some flexibility to it. As a result, their graphics stand out from many others. Also, these boards offer an incredible amount of customization.

Positive Aspects

  • Great impact resistance
  • Customized Graphics
  • Wide variety of wheels
  • Good quality apparel

Price Range

Plan B skateboards have a price range from $50 up to $120.

2. Element Skateboards

Element Skateboard Brand


Element is a skateboard company based in California. It was established in the year 1992 by Johnny Schillereff. Not only does it make great skateboards, but it also produces accessories and apparel such as tees, socks, and hoodies.

Element faced some difficulties and had to shut down, but the owner didn’t give up and then repositioned the Brand, and it has been a well-known brand since then.

Deck Quality

Element produces the best quality decks. They are built to handle extreme riding conditions. The Deck is made using seven layers of maple ply decks. It is stiff and has a long-lasting life. Moreover, the boards have a feather-light construction, so they are very lightweight but still durable.

In terms of graphics, Element boards have a unique design and have a variety of methods. As a result, each board stands out from the rest.

Positive Aspects

  • Top-class material
  • Attractive Designs
  • Unique brand apparel
  • Easy Customization

Price Range

Element skateboards have a price range from $40 up to $120.

3. Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz Skateboard Brand


The Santa Cruz Skateboard brand is one of the most renowned skateboard brands, established by Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman in 1973 in California, USA. Along with the skateboards, Santa Cruz also sells clothing.

Santa Cruz has a logo that says “Santa Cruz,” but most of their boards feature a “Screaming Hand” and become the Brand’s symbol.

Deck Quality

The Deck is made from 100% American Maple wood. Their Deck features cool and vibrant art. Santa Cruz skateboards are great for all types of skateboarders. They have a variety of skateboards made for beginners to advanced riders.

At a very reasonable price, they provide the best quality decks with some appealing graphics.

Positive Aspects

  • Boards for every type of skateboarder
  • Cool and vibrant art
  • Known for long-lasting life
  • Customization is available

Price Range

Santa Cruz skateboards have a price range from $50 up to $110.

4. Powell Peralta Skateboards

Powell Peralta Skateboard Brand


George Powell and Stacy Peralta formed Powell-Peralta, an individual skateboard business. Powell-Peralta has been renowned for its exceptional manufacturing, inventive ideas, as well as excellent goods since 1978. 

The company grew highly successful due to the Bones Brigade video series, which featured renowned skateboarders Tony Hawk and Lance Mountain. Among their most renowned decks include Randy Strike, Geoff Rowley, as well as Rodney Mullen.

Deck Quality

Their decks are often composed of Maple containing a hint of enhanced carbon fiber, giving them the ability to resist powerful punches.

They have an epoxy-infused, fiber-reinforced construction and are kept up by something that has been described as a “mystery” adhesive, rendering them ideal for “board crushers.”

Positive Aspects

  • Amazing durability
  • Classic graphic design
  • Customization is available
  • Great wheels and bearings

Price Range

Powell Peralta skateboards have a price range from $60 – $170

5. Zero Skateboards

Zero Skateboard Brand


Jamie Thomas, a formerly elite skateboarder, created Zero Skateboards in California. Jamie Thomas was well-known as a skilled skater. Thomas founded Zero Skateboards in 1996, which began as a skateboard apparel business before growing into a significant skateboard producer. The “skull” motif has established the brand persona on the majority of its skateboards.

Throughout the last two decades, Zero Skateboards has grown via three efforts. First, producing skating media such as films and periodicals, as well as manufacturing high-quality skating items and supporting elite skaters.

Deck Quality

The decks are constructed of high-quality Canadian maple wood that aids in stress absorption. In addition, most Zero boards are said to be built using high-quality elements, guaranteeing that they are smooth and long-lasting.

Furthermore, the skateboards are pretty light, which several skateboarders appreciate.

Positive Aspects

  • Built with quality materials
  • Variety of sizes, styles, and shapes
  • Designed by an expert team
  • Easy customization

Price Range

Zero skateboards have a price range of $50 – $120.

6. Alien Workshop Skateboards

Alien Workshop Skateboard Brand


Chris Carter, Mike Hill, with Neil Blender created Alien Workshop Skateboards in Dayton, Ohio, in 1990. It is a skateboard company established in the United States. They’re probably among the best-known skateboard manufacturers.

Numerous professional competitors, such as Steve Clar, Neil Blender, and others, make up the core alien workshop crew.

Deck Quality

The alien workshop uses a singular, strong press to create skateboards featuring high-quality 7-ply extremely tough maple wood decks. The decks are long-lasting, sturdy, and have a lot of bounce. Several skilled skateboarders consider it to be their favorite Deck.

When riding on practically any surface, this Deck provides the most delicate balance as well as a foothold. Its reliability and endurance are unparalleled.

Positive Aspects

  • Durable as well as lightweight
  • The Deck made of maple wood is powerful
  • Customizable
  • Distinctive designs

Price Range

Alien workshop skateboards have a price range of $70 – $190.

7. Landyachtz Skateboards

Landyachtz Skateboard Brand


Two friends, Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand founded Landyachtz in the Blackcomb Ski Club chalet basements. Their goal was to create skateboards that could flip as well as travel more quickly.

Landyachtz is a pioneer in a worldwide skateboarding industry that challenges the limits of what is achievable. Their ambition to advance the sport of skateboarding has resulted in developing many other thrilling modes of mobility, such as bicycles and bikes.

Deck Quality

From the Dinghy to the Triple Beam, every one of their skateboard decks is intricate 3D surfaces that are molded to provide optimum efficiency, stability, safety, and pleasure in every setting.

They make their decks out of a range of resources, but the great bulk is Canadian Maple. Their high-quality skateboard coatings are likewise created from woods with firm, even fibers.

Positive Aspects

  • Super smooth ride because of soft wheels
  • Quality deck as well as wheels
  • Attractive graphic designs
  • Very affordable

Price Range

Landyachtz Skateboards price range from $50 – $120.

8. Baker Skateboards

Baker Skateboard Brand


 Baker’s roots may be traced back to the California street skating culture. Baker boards, developed by renowned skater Andrew Reynolds in the 2000s, are linked with extreme street skating. After Tony Hawk’s son, Riley, became professional in 2014, the business promptly wanted to collaborate with him, resulting in the Riley Hawk “Halftone” pro deck. Their boards are uncomplicated and enjoyable to skate on, and they are well-suited to older, inexperienced riders. 

Riley Hawk, Sammy Baca, Dustin Dolin, and Theotis Beasley are renowned riders who ride for this skateboard company. 

Deck Quality

Mark Gonzales established Blind around 1989. Originally known as World Industries Distribution Company, it is presently known as Dwindle Distribution. The Blind skateboard is among the most prominent skateboards for street skating.

It was one of the earliest to release a skate video, with the initial one produced by Spike Jonze being released in 1991.

Positive Aspects

  • Durable construction
  • Two color options
  • Made for all skill levels
  • Easily customizable

Price Range

Baker skateboards range in price from $65 – $90

9. Blind Skateboards

Blind Skateboard Brand


Mark Gonzales established Blind around 1989. Originally known as World Industries Distribution Company, it is presently known as Dwindle Distribution. The Blind skateboard is among the most prominent skateboards for street skating.

It was one of the earliest to release a skate video, with the initial one produced by Spike Jonze being released in 1991. 

Deck Quality

Their decks are regarded to be among the most enduring because they are composed of eight levels of ply maple wood, as opposed to the seven layers used by many other manufacturers.

Blind’s decks are broader than those manufactured by competing skateboard companies. As a result, you will have increased resilience to solid strikes. 

Positive Aspects

  • Cheap and affordable.
  • Eye-catchy graphics that give a relaxed vibe.
  • Strong but also have extra flexibility.
  • Sufficient gripping that does not let you slip while riding.

Price Range

Blind skateboards prices range from $45 – $90.

10. Toy Machine Skateboards

Toy Machine Skateboard Brand


Tum Yeto distribution firm founded the company in 1993. Although the firm is part of the Tum Yeto distribution network, it is managed and operated by Ed Templeton, who established the Brand.

Furthermore, Ed Templeton, an American expert skater, artist, and photographer who’s been capturing the lifestyle he has been a member of since the mid-1980s, created the decks of Toy machine boards.

Deck Quality

The decks are made of typical 7-ply Maple and are reasonably durable. The cornerstone for each style, as well as the technique you have up your sleeve, is the company’s 7-ply maple wood structure. This implies you won’t have to fear the skateboard being damaged after only a few rides.

Toy Machine is distinguished from other companies by its distinctive yet vivid designs. On Toy Machine decks, you’ll discover anything from monsters to aliens to funny cartoon characters. 

Positive Aspects

  • Strong as well as durable
  • Variety of options in width and length
  • Fun graphics
  • Sturdy and soft wheels

Price Range

Toy Machine skateboards prices range from $60 – $140.

11. Enjoi Skateboards

Enjoi Skateboard Brand


Rodney Mullen and Marc Johnson, who departed for different projects, helped launch Enjoi boards, a newer brand of boards. Matt Eversole presently runs the firm, which manages to amaze every time with good decks and excellent PR. Furthermore, Globe International owns Enjoi skateboards.

With the publication of their debut video, “Bag of Suck,” in 2007, Enjoi established a reputation for themselves, earning Transworld Skate Video of the Year.

Deck Quality

The skateboard has a lot of bounce and is quite handy. The Deck has a straightforward style with modest concaves for better coordination.

Despite its low mass, it is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. They’ve made decent quality decks with creative patterns over the years, typically sporting the Brand’s panda emblem.

Positive Aspects

  • Lightweight and offer great pops.
  • Offer excellent grip and stability.
  • Unique and fun designs
  • Made for all skin levels

Price Range

Enjoi skateboard’s prices range from $60 – $130.

12. Creature Skateboards

Creature Skateboard Brand


Russ Pope established and launched Creature Skateboards in 1994. However, the firm ceased business when Pope left. Lee Charon and Darren Navarrete relaunched the well-known skateboard company in 2005. 

Furthermore, NHS Inc. distributes the Brand, which has an impressive list of riders. Their style is influenced by scary films as well as spooky houses, thus they incorporate a lot of skulls as well as creatures in their work. Deck Quality

The Brand is known for its creature skateboard decks. The decks of Creature skateboards are comprised of 7 ply maple. They are compelling and long-lasting. The decks’ robustness allows them to ride on rugged terrain and accomplish incredible stunts without scratching them.

Positive Aspects

  • Creative and spooky designs
  • Tough and durable
  • Customization is easy
  • Quality wheels as well as bearings

Price Range

Creature skateboards prices range from $40 – $130

13. Almost Skateboards

Almost Skateboard Brand


Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song founded Almost Skateboards in 2003. Dwindle Distribution was also in charge of distributing. It’s an entertaining and innovative brand that creates robust, long-lasting boards that can withstand the most rigorous riders. 

Youness Amrani, Yuri Facchini, and kid prodigy Sky Brown are among the Brand’s squad riders.

Deck Quality

Their boards are constructed of seven or eight layers of carbon fiber decks, making them highly durable. They began by producing simply skateboard decks, then evolved to include a variety of skating equipment. The set contains everything you need to customize your boards, which would consist of decks, wheels, trucks, plus bearings, so you can make it your own.

Positive Aspects

  • They are durable and suitable in quality
  • Have unique and excellent graphics
  • Decks are made up of perfect concave
  • Customizable

Price Range

Almost skateboards have a price range of $40 – $120

14. Anti-Hero Skateboards

Anti Hero Skateboard Brand


Julien Stranger, a professional skater, started it in 1995. Anti-Hero boards are now managed by Deluxe Distribution, and several styles represent the individuality and character of each rider.

They devote particular emphasis on two key elements: the Deck’s durability as well as aesthetics. John Cardiel, Frank Gerwer, and Tony Trujillo have all been members of the group over the years. 

Deck Quality

Each Anti-Hero board is constructed from similar high-quality wood. This ensures that the quality of each series is consistent, with components that are both sturdy and substantial.

Anti-Hero boards are recognized for being a little broader, which allows for better ease and stability. Several people enjoy anti-hero decks because of their high performance as well as attractive appearance.

 Positive Aspects

  • simple and clean design
  • Durable construction
  • Guaranteed against all manufacturing defects
  • Soft wheels

Price Range

Anti-hero skateboards prices range from $50 – $120

15. Girl Skateboards

Girl Skateboard Brand


Rick Howard and Mike Carroll founded the firm in 1993, and despite popular belief, they are the company’s founders. They’ve been around for a long time and have a solid reputation dating back to the early 1990s.

The patterns may be adjusted to include the Girl brand women’s restroom emblem or a selection of visuals.

Deck Quality

Skateboards for girls are constructed entirely of maple wood. This skateboard has a 7-layer feather lightweight deck featuring moderate concaves and tremendous bounce, making it ideal for flips and skateboarding in parks and on the roads. Girl skateboards have fantastic artwork on their decks as well.

Their decks are sturdy, secure, and durable, as well as provide a nice bounce at a reasonable price. As a result, they’re regarded as among the most excellent skateboard decks available.

Positive Aspects

  • Strong and durable quality
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Unique logo
  • Affordable and cheap

Price Range

Girl skateboards prices range from $40 – $110.

What to look for in a good Skateboard Brand?

A skateboard is essentially the aggregate of its components. Therefore, if you desire a nice skateboard, you’ll require high-quality components.

Quality Deck

A high-quality skateboard will be lightweight yet sturdy while still generating “pop.” The perfect balance of elasticity and stiffness lets the board react during Ollies and the other stunts that require the Deck to be lifted off the surface.

Quality Wheels

Skateboard wheels should be constructed of polyurethane with few modifications. Unfortunately, toy skateboard wheels are often composed of plastic or perhaps a low-quality polymer mixture, resulting in unsatisfactory functionality at best and potentially deadly circumstances involving fractured spins at worst.

Quality Bearings 

Good wheels are useless unless you possess suitable bearings that enable the wheels to rotate smoothly on the skateboard truck’s axle. A good pair of bearings will turn smoothly immediately and considerably better after they’ve been used. Unfortunately, a good pair of bearings can cost you anywhere from $10 to $15. A low-quality approach won’t enable the wheel to move smoothly, and efficiency will suffer as a result.

Good Grip Tape

Skaters who don’t have strong grip tape have a hard time keeping on top of their boards. The most common concerns regarding bad grip tape are that it was never highly sticky or lost its traction rapidly. Yet again, we suggest sticking with well-known companies that have a long history of assisting skateboarders.

Best Skateboard Brands, in my opinion?

Best for Street Riding

Standard skateboards with almost identical popsicles stick-shaped decks are ideal for street skating. Small wheels (50-54mm), as well as thinner decks (7.9″ – 8.4″), are also preferred by street skaters since they make it convenient to ride, execute flipping stunts, as well as land switches.


Best for Performing Stunts

A skateboard with a deck width of 7.74 to 8.26 inches is ideal for stunts. Wheels with a durometer of 98A to 100A, as well as a substantial rebound, are required.


Best for Beginners

We suggest going with a reasonably uniform arrangement with a deck width appropriate to your foot size. In addition, beginners should select soft skateboard wheels since they provide a comfortable ride and are less prone to get caught in cracks and rocks.

  1. Enjoi

Best for Advanced Riders

More expansive skateboard decks (8.6″ – 9.1″) paired with bigger skateboard wheels are the ideal skateboards for transitional skating (54-60mm). In addition, these more giant boards provide more durability and aid in maintaining pace.

  3. Enjoi

Worst Skateboard Brands, in my opinion?

The majority of these skateboards are built of low-grade components. These low-cost products will degrade your riding pleasure, leaving you frustrated. So, whenever you buy a skateboard, you should research the poorest skateboard brands to avoid.

  1. Kryptonics skateboards
  2. Globe skateboards
  3. Airwalk skateboards
  4. Low profile Walmart skateboards
  5. Mongoose skateboards

Final Verdict – Wrapping it up

This was our list of the top skateboard brands, in our opinion. The best method of knowing if a deck is right for you is to ride it. The best way to get the ideal vehicle is to think about what kind of skating you do. When it pertains to shoes, you’ll want ones that will soften the blow while still providing you with a firm grip.

Generally, you will obtain a decent skateboard if you purchase one from a good brand and skip the inexpensive ones; other variances in size, curvature, and accessories are a question of subjective taste based on your skating technique.

After reading all of the information about the top skateboard brands, the wisest decision you can make is to head to your nearest skate store and check them out.

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