Best Skate Shoes 2023 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Skate Shoes

Are you not having fun riding your skateboard? Do you keep losing balance when you try to do flips and tricks? Then your shoes might be the problem. Good Skateboard shoes are a fundamental part of enjoying your ride.

That is why we’re here with a review on the top 10 best skate shoes in 2023 and a buyer’s guide to help you figure out what you need.

Skateboard shoes are designed not only to give you comfort and protection but also to offer you the best skateboarding experience you deserve.

The skateboard footwear is specifically designed to come in contact with grip tape so the rider can have an excellent grip. But there is a lot more to consider when buying a pair.

To assist, we’ve listed our top picks for the best skate shoes and a buyer’s guide to help you understand what to look for when buying a pair according to your preferences.

Best Skate Shoes 2023 – Comparison Table

ImageSkate ShoesOur Rating 
Nike SB Check TrainersNike SB Check
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Best OverallCheck Price
Vans DocketVans Docket
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Best OverallCheck Price
Vans U AuthenticVans U Authentic
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Best SellerCheck Price
Adidas Originals SeeleyAdidas Originals
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Best SellerCheck Price
Adidas City CupAdidas City Cup
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Best Board FeelCheck Price
Lakai CarrollLakai Carroll
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Best Board Feel Check Price
Nike Sb ShaneNike Sb Shane
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Most DurableCheck Price
Vans Low-top TrainersVans Low-top
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Most DurableCheck Price
Emerica Pillar MidEmerica Pillar Mid
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Best BudgetCheck Price
DC Kalis VulcDC Kalis Vulc
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Best Overall

1. Nike SB Check Trainers 

Nike SB Check Trainers Skate Shoes

The Nike SB Trainers are a terrific skate shoe that doesn’t take long to break in and is prepared to go straight away. Because the shoe is constructed entirely of suede, it is airy as well as glides well.

The sock liner is really comfy and provides good support, especially given the shoe’s thinness. The vulcanized sole is extremely grippy and provides great traction both on and off the board.

Although the insole cushioning in these SB check shoes is excellent, the outsole is excessively thin, leading the shoe to wear out soon. Additionally, it does not give as much ankle stability as other shoes.

Overall, they are light and breathable, that will keep your feet cool throughout extended skate practices. This is a wonderful alternative for individuals who love thin and adaptable skate shoes because you can start skating immediately out of the box.

  • Light and comfortable
  • Good ventilation
  • Minimal break-in time
  • No ankle or lace protection

2. Vans Docket 

Vans Docket Skate Shoes

The influence of Vans, a Californian brand, on skateboarding footwear cannot be overstated. These Vans Docket sneakers are substantial, sturdy, and well-balanced. They are among the most cost-effective leather shoes on the market.

A gorgeous stitched Vans logo can be found on the quarter panel of the cleat, which is sure to turn heads. This footwear is extremely comfortable and provides the necessary support for your feet when skating thanks to its cup sole design.

Furthermore, the exterior texture is leather suede, while the interior material is a delicate and comfy cotton fabric. These shoes are not only comfy, but they also offer outstanding grip and traction thanks to the gum rubber sole. They also offer a lace-up closing feature for securing your new cleat.

  • Leather suede material used
  • Gum rubber for a good grip
  • Cup Sole design for comfort and protection
  • Boring design

Best Seller

3. Vans U Authentic 

Vans U Authentic Skate Shoes

The Vans Authentic is a classic that influenced the evolution of skate shoes as we recognize them today. Vans’ distinctive waffle sole is the global benchmark for skate shoes because it is incredibly flexible and breaks in rapidly.

The Authentic has a basic canvas top with no extra materials or cushioning, making them lighter and breezy but not very sturdy or secure.

Furthermore, while the Vans Authentic’s simplistic design was great for skateboarding before but with today’s elevated skateboarding, this shoe falls low owing to its shortage of cushioning as well as stability.

Considering this, the Vans Authentic is still a terrific choice for cruising and low-impact skating that skaters all over the world can love for many years to come.

  • Break-in quickly
  • Breathable
  • Provide amazing grip
  • No padding
  • Not durable for rough skating

4. Adidas Originals Seeley

Adidas Originals Seeley Skate Shoes

The Adidas Seeley is a good skate shoe with a straightforward style that provides a great board feel. This shoe has a compact fit and is extremely light, both in the sole and throughout the materials, allowing it to be prepared to skate straight away.

The upper is entirely comprised of synthetic materials which rest on top of a vulcanized soft rubber sole. Although the synthetic top is fairly sturdy, it will not last as long as shoes constructed of genuine leather.

While the Adidas are lightweight, the lack of cushioning and safety is not suitable for taking hits, and there is little to safeguard your feet from taking a hammering other from a tiny piece of cushioning in the collar.

Despite the shoes’ being lightweight, the synthesized top is not very ventilated, and there are no openings for air, so they grow hot quickly, particularly on hot days. All things considered, the Adidas Seeley is a lightweight, inexpensive, and adaptable skating shoe.

  • Lightweight
  • Minimal break-in time
  • Good traction
  • Very little padding
  • Lackluster breathability

Best Board Feel

5. Adidas City Cup 

Adidas City Cup Skate Shoes

Another fantastic skate shoe is the Adidas City Cup. They’re thin and light, yet they still have enough cushioning to keep your feet safe. The cup sole quickly breaks in and adapts to the motions of the foot.

For breathability, the top is suede around the toe region and laces, with mesh around the heel and side panels. For increased breathability, the leather has holes where the toe meets the laces.

Even though the Adidas City Cup is a great shoe in every way, it is a little narrow, thus it might not be the best fit for someone with broad feet.

In addition, the insole only provides minor arch and ankle support. Aside from that, the Adidas City Cup is an excellent skateboard shoe that is suitable for all forms of skating.

  • Great comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Best-in-class board feel
  • No ankle support
  • Slightly narrow fit

6. Lakai Carroll

Lakai Carroll Skate Shoes

Lakai is regarded for making some of the most comfortable footwear available. The Lakai Carroll is a restored edition of Mike Carroll’s first Lakai sneaker, which was initially introduced in 2000. These Lakai’s are quite comfy and well-fitting.

They feature a bigger tongue than the others, as well as plenty of padding around the collar, which helps keep your foot in place and provides excellent support. Suede and mesh make up the upper.

The suede wraps around the most often used regions, adding sturdiness and longevity, while the mesh windows give great airflow.

The Carroll’s take a little longer to break in than many of the alternatives since they are heavier and have more cushioning, but the increased longevity is worth it.

The XLK cup sole delivers a lot of board feel and holds well when skating, as well as excellent impact absorption after it’s broken in.

  • Best-in-class impact protection
  • Built to last
  • Great for summer skating
  • Slightly thick
  • Longer break-in period

Most Durable

7. Nike Sb Shane 

Nike Sb Shane Skate Shoes

For a variety of reasons, Nike SB is regarded as the best skate shoe on the market. Shane worked with Nike for many years to build the ultimate sneaker, and the Nike SB Shane is a monument to their dedication.

This shoe provides supportive cushioning and great breathability thanks to its innovative Foam sock liner, which includes a Zoom Air unit in the heel.

This shoe has a one-of-a-kind design that blends bespoke double lacing with the option of tying your shoes with regular eye stays or ghillie loops for further durability.

Unfortunately, the most significant disadvantage of these Nike SB Shane is their high price. Aside from that, it’s a decent pair of shoes that will last for a long time.

Additionally, the insole and outsole work in tandem to improve the board feel and offer constant flick. In addition, these shoes come in a variety of shapes and materials.

  • Custom double laing
  • Extremely durable and sturdy
  • Many different styles and textures available
  • Slightly expensive

8. Vans Low-top Trainers

Vans Low-top Trainers Skate Shoes

These Vans Low-Top Sneakers are straightforward and functional. With a low-top design that provides the shoes a lot of mobility, they’re more than simply a skate shoe. They may be worn with any outfit and are available in a variety of colors to suit practically any occasion.

They are trendy, elegant, and sophisticated. The gum rubber sole provides excellent grip and traction on and off the board, as well as absorbing some of the shocks while landing tricks.

The backs of the shoes are strengthened to provide them greater strength, especially in areas where they can break down rapidly. The extra stitching gives the sneaker more strength and durability. On the bottom, there’s also the traditional waffle sole.

  • Various colors available
  • Amazing durability and grip
  • Traditional waffle sole
  • No ankle support

Best Budget

9. Emerica Pillar Mid 

Emerica Pillar Mid Skate Shoes

The Emerica Pillar Mid is a fantastic skate shoe with incredible strength and longevity. The Pillar, being the lone mid-top, is the only model with any kind of ankle support.

It also includes extra padding around the collar, which provides additional protection and aids in keeping the heel in place and preventing slipping.

This is among the most resilient shoes due to the double wrap vulcanized sole. While these Emericas took a little time to break in, they offered a great board feels as well as accuracy.

Furthermore, because the shoe’s whole upper is suede, it may get rather hot, however, there are a few small perforated sections that give some airflow.

While the Pillar provides ankle support, the insole is quite flat and provides minimal arch support. Overall, the Emerica Pillar is a great skate shoe that provides more security and assistance than the competition.

  • Excellent support
  • Great board feel
  • Best traction
  • Heavier than others
  • Minimal ventilation

10. DC Kalis Vulc 

DC Kalis Vulc Skate Shoes

The DC Kalis Vulc is a superb all-around skate shoe and a modern take on a classic. The Kalis Vulc is substantially thinner, leaner, and lighter than the Kalis OG, thanks to a simpler vulcanized sole.

The suede toe is perfect for flip techniques, and the mesh collar keeps you cool without losing toughness. It takes almost no time to break in this shoe.

The vulcanized sole is extremely gripping, and the plush, soft cushioning provides some impact protection while also making this one of the most comfortable shoes in the group.

These shoes, however, are not designed to withstand large impacts due to their thin soles, and they can soon lose their form and become floppy.

The lack of lace protection was the second major flaw. Overall, the DC Kalis Vulc is a fantastic skate shoe that performs among the best at a lower price, resulting in excellent value.

  • Low price at this quality
  • Minimal break-in time
  • Good board feel
  • No ankle support
  • Thin soles protect less on impact

Best Skate Shoes 2023 Buyer’s Guide

Proper skateboarding footwear may make a huge impact. Skateboarding shoes are essential because they improve your gripping, board feel, cushion shocks, as well as protect you from injury.

There’s a lot to examine when choosing the ideal skate shoe for you because no two feet are alike. So, how do you go about picking the best skateboarding shoes?

The greatest skateboarding shoe should be comfy, match your skating style, and provide stability without compromising the board feel.

Suede shoes are encouraged, however, the sort of shoe you wear is entirely up to you. Whether you’re a newbie or a skilled rider, there are a few things to remember when purchasing a pair of skateboard shoes.

What Makes a Good Skateboarding Shoe?

1. Shoe Material 

The type of material utilized in the construction has a significant impact on hardness and a fair amount on feel and flick. Suede shoes are the most durable skate shoes available.

They’re substantially more durable than canvas shoes. Suede is also the most easily repaired material once it has developed holes due to wear and tear. No matter what kind of shoe you purchase, it will eventually wear out.

Canvas is the most basic material since it is lightweight and more versatile. it is not well-known for being a rock-solid performer with a tremendous flick. But  It’s great for advanced skating and relaxed cruising.

Synthetics are constructed mostly of man-made components that mimic the appearance as well as the texture of real cowhides.

2. Stitching 

The strength of the stitches or stitching determines the strength of the skate shoes. If you see that the skate shoes are well-stitched, they will most likely last a long time. Additional support is vital regions of your foot is also provided by precise stitching. 

Skate shoes including double to triple stitching all around the toe box and into the kickflip zones, where the stress on your foot is greatest, are better.

As a result, while purchasing skate shoes, the stitches are an important consideration. On the exterior of some shoes, there is no stitching. Put Shoe Goo to the places that are most prone to wear out.

3. Toe Caps 

Toe caps are the rubbery material that wraps over the nose to keep your shoes from tearing. These are ideal for a rider who does several kickflips. You don’t have to bother with this if you’re somewhat of a heelflip skater.

Toe caps extend the life of your shoes by reducing friction from your grip. However, they are not universally popular, since they give less board feel and glide distinctly from suede. Toe caps may be useful if you skate transitions as well as skid a lot on your knee pads and feet.

4. Lace Protectors

Laces are one of the first things to tear, so having a larger nose as well as strengthened lace openings helps. Lace guards are a bit of a throwback, but they’re still in use.

They’re incorporated into some shoes, which stops them from breaking all the time. You might also try purchasing a few or gluing them together so they don’t break as easily.

The disadvantage of bonding your laces to your shoes is that you can no longer change the tightening. Bring these to your neighborhood skate store, and the workers will hopefully be able to suggest the right shoes for you.

Things to Consider before buying your Skate Shoes

1. Pick According to Riding Style

Vulcanized Soles

The flat design of a vulcanized sole is ideal for skateboarding. It may be used for ground tricks as well as technical street skating maneuvers. You can count on this sole to last a long time.

This is because, rather than employing adhesive, the rubber is heated for flexibility and strength before being adhered to the upper section of the shoe. The only disadvantage of this sole is the absence of heel support.

Cup Soles

Skaters prefer the cup sole structure since it provides sufficient foot as well as ankle support. Companies include support elements like airbags and heel assistance since this sole is sewed to the upper section of the shoe.

This sole appears to be better to use than a vulcanized sole with merely a traditional rubber bottom. The stiffer feeling, on the other hand, forms a strong layer between your feet and your board. As a result, while skateboarding, there is less of a board feel.

2. Comfort 

If optimum comfort is your top goal in skate shoes, look no further. We completely agree with you. The quality of your skating performance will be influenced by how comfy your shoes are.

Comfort implies having enough padding for cushioning but being ventilated so you don’t get too overheated. There should also be sufficient padding to safeguard your feet from shock.

You should be able to feel your skateboard beneath your feet despite the cushioning. Skating with comfortable shoes will make you feel very comfortable as well as safe.

3. Durability 

Low-durability sneakers entail fast wear and tear, as well as wasted money. That is something that no one desires. Only buy shoes with good cover material and robust outsoles if you want the most durable kicks.

The quality of the shoe’s stitching is also important. The greatest way to guarantee that your shoes don’t split while you’re wearing them is to utilize reinforced double or triple stitching.

Durability is important to address when purchasing these shoes since, in addition to helping you skate better, they also assist protect your feet from impacts. It’s OK to think about fashion, but don’t sacrifice durability for it, or you’ll be sorry.

4. Material 

If you want anything to last a long time, you need to choose robust materials and build them well. Skate shoes are frequently made of suede and canvas. Canvas is more prone to tearing than suede, but they are both sturdy and comfy. Both fabrics are pliable and supple.

Leather is a popular choice for those who want a bit extra stiffness. If you don’t want to use suede or leather, there are various vegan options available.

You should search for a high-quality rubber or polyurethane for the shoe’s sole. Rubber will offer you excellent traction on your board, as well as resistance to scratches as well as ease while resting your foot on the hard terrain.

5. Breathability

Breathability is an important factor in skate shoe design. Skating in the summer, with high temperatures as well as hot pavement, may make your feet quite sweaty.

As a result, when it comes to the convenience and feel of your shoes, air circulation is crucial. Fresh air can be distributed and dampness may be prevented thanks to tiny holes and breathable upper layers.

Furthermore, some companies incorporate perforated side panels and vent holes right into the sides of the shoes, while others employ airy netting tongues.

Bonus: How to Make Your Skate Shoes Last Longer? 

1. Maintain Regular Shoe Cleaning

The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your shoes is to keep them clean. Manually washing your shoes with a light detergent or only soap is advised.

Detergents containing strong substances such as alcohol, acetone, and others should be avoided since they might cause discoloration and harm to the adhesives as well as waterproofing. Also, before cleaning your shoes, ensure sure the insoles are removed.

Shoes should never be washed in the washing machine. Your shoes may appear clean on the exterior, but the padding, covering, as well as adhesives, will be completely destroyed. In the worst-case scenario, your shoes will distort and become unusable for skating.

2. Keep the soles protected

Glue is the most popular method of repairing the sole of your shoe. You may use hot glue or skate shoe goo to repair your skate shoes. Applying this to your new shoes may appear to be a waste, but your shoes will last at least twice as long.

When holes begin to emerge, you may either use hot glue or shoe Goo to repair them. When Shoe Goo is spread, it solidifies into a rubber covering that protects the shoe from the adhesive.

If you want to get all the way through, use duct tape to plug the inside of your shoe first. After you’ve placed the tape, add a little amount of Shoe Goo or hot glue.

3. Sand down new grip tape

You’re ready to smash the streets after you acquire your new deck and grip. Your rough new grasp is the very first thing you will notice. Grip tape is designed to be gripping, and it will damage your shoes regardless, but you can put it off a bit longer.

Try sanding it smooth with some of the grip tape bits you took off. It will minimize friction and help your shoes last longer.

Try purchasing less sticky grip tape next time. The most graspable is Mob Grip as well as Grizzly, while Jessup is more shoe-friendly.

4. Place Them in a Safe Place

Another most important step to prolong your skate shoes life is to keep them in a safe and dry place. Make sure they are kept away from dirt and moist places. These factors can ruin your shoes, with no way of getting them back as good as new ones.

Best Skate Shoes FAQs 

You certainly do. They are even required if you skate frequently. Some pro skaters can do kickflips in almost any shoe, but we advise acquiring the correct skate shoes, particularly if you’re just getting started.

If you’re looking for your first pair of skate shoes, we suggest beginning with some of the more affordable alternatives so you don’t become intimidated by the higher pricing of some of the top choices.

To give optimal board sensation, skate soles are slimmer than ordinary running shoes, and some shoes contain insole innovation that can survive several hits. You can still accomplish most of the tricks if you use running shoes instead of skating shoes, but you’ll have much less control over the board due to the thick sole.

Many of the greatest skateboard shoes cost approximately $50, and if you extend your expenditure to $100, you’ll be able to get your hands on the best sneakers available.

A high-end, sought-after skating footwear may cost well over $200. You might pay twice or even 3 times that much if you purchase special editions. basic Skate shoes, on the other hand, shouldn’t cost that much.

Skate shoes with a high top offer significant ankle support, while low-tops allow greater mobility as well as movement. however, most skaters like low-tops and they are among the best skate shoes available, still, they offer no ankle support. It’s better to just try them on and see which ones are comfier so that you can be sure.

Skate shoes are frequently composed of durable elements such as leather, suede, even canvas. In comparison to sneakers, several skateboard companies utilize toe caps and heel supports, which ensures you won’t hurt if your skateboard runs over your toes and you won’t experience the shock of landing tricks.

Final Verdict – Wrapping it up 

Skate shoes are one of the most prominent styles of footwear worldwide, worn by both skaters as well as non-skaters. Skateboarders, as a group of people who invest a lot of time on their feet, should have a strong understanding of what it takes to build a decent grade shoe that is both sturdy as well as reliable.

As skateboarding has risen in popularity, more and more companies are producing skate-specific shoes. However, now that there are various alternatives to pick from, this work has become a little more difficult.

So, whether you’re searching for the best shoes to learn to skate in or you’re a seasoned skater who goes through a pair every month, we hope our review will assist you in selecting your next pair of skate shoes. may receive commission for products recommended through affiliate links. Read our affiliate disclosure here.